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Sage Zero-Proof Spirit

Sage Zero-Proof Spirit

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Sage grows wild in the Sandhills. This small-batch spirit is handcrafted with natural sage flavors and the purest waters of the Ogallala Aquifer.  Our Flagship Sage Zero-Proof Spirit is the Sandhills, embottled.  A crisp, savory elixir with earthy aromas.  Perfect for your cocktails, either on the rocks or add your favorite garnish.

Zero proof. Zero carbs. Zero added sugar. Only 5 calories per serving.

Ways to Sip:

  • On the rocks with a splash of tonic & citrus
  • As an inclusion in your favorite cocktail
  • Use as a replacement for the spirit in your favorite cocktail!  Same depth of flavor, alcohol-free

Some of our go-to recipes:

Tasting Notes

  • Bold
  • Savory with Strong Herbal Undertones
  • Earthy and Slightly Peppery
  • Crisp like Mint and Eucalyptus

Spirit Replacement

Use as a replacement for gin.

Pairing Suggestions

The pine and citrus notes of Sage Sandhills Elixir pair nicely with meats like pork or lamb.  The Elixir tastes sensational with honey.  And harmonizes nicely with soft cheeses.

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Customer Reviews

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Ben Reynolds
A complete surprise!

I used the Sage elixir in my standard gin and tonic recipe and wow, the taste of my mocktail was crisp and delicious!