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Sandhills Signature Pack

Sandhills Signature Pack

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Our 3 bottle Sandhills Signature Pack includes the following flavors: 

Sage: Sage grows wild in the Sandhills. Our Flagship Sage Zero-Proof Spirit is the Sandhills, embottled. A crisp, savory comes with earthy aromas. Replace your favorite gin with Sage Elixir; we won't tell. 

Elderberry: This fruit-forward elixir has a light sweetness to it. Almost comparable to whiskey with subtle, delicate dark fruit sweetness enhanced with berry and floral notes. 

Chokecherry: Part of the super fruit family, this native Sandhills berry, is a bit sour, a bit sweet and also goes by the popular name Aronia berry. It will upgrade all of your cocktails and add the essence you were missing.

These small-batch spirits are handcrafted with native prairie-inspired flavors and the purest waters of the Ogallala Aquifer. 

Ways to Sip:

  • On the rocks with a splash of tonic & citrus
  • As an inclusion in your favorite cocktail
  • Use as a replacement for the spirit in your favorite cocktail!  Same depth of flavor, alcohol-free

Go-to Recipes:


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Allison Welch
Refreshing alternative

Growing up in the Sandhills creates a special bond to the land and its beauty. I decided to cut alcohol after a cancer diagnosis, but wanted to have something to make me feel a part. I typically order the pack of 3 and love all flavors. I simply add honey, sparkling water, ice and a lime. The drinks are delicious and refreshing! And best of all, remind me of home.


Incredible flavor and zero hangovers 🫶

Sarah Christiansen
Very refreshing.

They have a vibrant, refreshing kick to each sip.

Cheri Rubio


My New Happy Hour

Great flavors! Have tried chokecherry and sage in the recipes on their website. Very refreshing and good choice for those who aren't supposed to imbibe alcohol for health reasons. A tiny bit of leakage during shipping (paper wrapping was damp) which may be due to change in altitude from Nebraska to mountains of Colorado. Just an FYI. Thanks for a great Sandhills product!!