Sandhills Elixir

Jalapeño Zero-Proof Spirit

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This spice-forward Elixir has certainly got a kick to it.

A perfect solution for your dry cocktails, this natural jalapeño zero-proof spirit is small batched in the Nebraska Sandhills using the gorgeous Ogallala Aquifer waters. Craft with your favorite cocktail or on the rocks.

Tasting Notes:

  • Bright
  • Grassy green
  • Slightly spicy

The heat notes of Jalapeño Sandhills Elixir pair nicely with a tacos or your favorite spicy meal. And, no surprise, this Elixir makes for a perfect margarita to accompany your chips and guacamole. 

Jalapeño pairs well with citrus juices, tomato juice, as well as sparkling waters. More recipes here.