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Zero Proof Customer Recipes

We love seeing how our customers are enjoying our nonalcoholic spirits! Thanks to William Stott also known on Instagram as @architecture_of_the_cocktail, we have a delightful new Ginger Lemon recipe. 

Shrinking Violet Beauregard
3oz cold Sandhills Ginger Lemon Elixir
1/2oz fresh lime juice
3/4oz cold blueberry simple syrup
Splash of cold Fever Tree Lime & Yuzu soda water
Add pebble ice to a Collins glass and build the drink in the glass – elixir and lime first, then slowly pour the blueberry simple syrup down the side of the glass, allowing the heavier syrup to drop down to the bottom of the glass. Add a splash of the Fever Tree and add a straw. Serve, and allow the guest to mix the blueberry syrup up into the rest of the drink. There is no need to dilute a non-alcoholic drink, so it is best if the ingredients start cold, to keep from getting watered down in the glass. Especially with pebble ice.
Ginger goes with lime, and ginger also works with blueberry. So, this seems like a natural to add blueberry simple syrup to Sandhills Ginger and Lemon Elixir. This is a complex citrus and fruit drink that does not present itself or taste like a glass of juice. The ginger gives the drink a little bite that you expect from a cocktail, while the acid of the lemon and lime are balanced somewhat by the sugar. But not completely. The blueberry hangs out right in the middle – tart and sweet at the same time.

Mocktail recipes are always welcome! If you have created a recipe you would like to share, tag us on Instagram @sandhillselixir or email

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