Recipe: Newport Beach, crafted by Mercury

Recipe: Newport Beach, crafted by Mercury

When Clark Ross of Mercury offers to make signature cocktails with your Elixirs, you always, always say yes. And this gorgeous little number is proof positive of it!

Newport Beach

2 shots Cranberry Sandhills Elixir

Splash of lime juice

1 shot of Rosa de Jamaica (recipe below)

Shake it together, real good

Serve in a Coupe

Garnish with a candied hibiscus


Rosa de Jamaica Recipe

4 cups of dried Hibiscus calyces

Fill a pot with Hibiscus calyces and 6-8 cups of water

Cover and bring to a boil

To punch up the taste, add cinnamon, ginger or clove to the pot while boiling

Bring down the heat and let simmer for 10-15 minutes

Take off the heat and let cool completely

After cooled, strain into a bowl

Pour into a sealed container and refrigerate for no less than 30 minutes

(Are we having fun yet?)

Grab pitcher and add 1 cup of pure cane sugar and 6 cups of water

Add 1 cup of the concentrate

You'll want to taste it to ensure it's not bitter. Add sugar, water and concentrate accordingly!



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