Blackberry Mint Mule

Recipe: Ginger Lemon Sandhills Mule



One of our favorite Winter drinks is a traditional Moscow Mule. Something about the strong ginger sting, slight sweetness from homemade sweet & sour mix and tart lime is a great combination to cut through the doldrums of Winter. 

Using the base flavors of a traditional Mule, we've taken it one step further and created a Blackberry Mint Sandhills Mule. Sandhills Ginger Lemon zero-proof cocktail gives the drink the signature burn that won't have you missing the alcohol! Try out this recipe and tell us what you think!

Blackberry Mint Sandhills Mule (makes 4)

6oz blackberries, plus more for serving

1/2c mint, plus more for serving

4oz Ginger Lemon Sandhills Elixir

1oz Lime Juice

8oz Ginger beer

  •  In a pitcher smash blackberries and mint
  • Stir in Ginger Lemon Sandhills Elixir and lime juice
  • Stir in Ginger Beer
  • Serve over ice and garnish with blackberries and mint
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