90's Themed Recipes: 07734 Jalapeno and 902-Wild Plum-O, crafted by Mercury

We recently served up zero-proof cocktails at Maha Festival in Omaha and our drinks were such a big hit we thought we should share some of the recipes with you! 

07734 Jalapeño

2 shots Jalapeño Sandhills Elixir

.75oz Lime Juice

.5oz Prickly Pear

.25oz Agave Syrup


Shake it together, real good

Garnish with Chipotle Salt

902-Wild Plum-O

2 shots Wild Plum Sandhills Elixir

1oz Oat Milk

.5oz Chocolate Syrup

.5oz Pistachio Coffee Syrup

Garnish with Cocoa Nibs


Share photos or send your own zero-proof recipes to us at info@sandhillselixir.com!